Eagle Project, JP Ruddick

Project Title: Touisset Audubon Walking Platforms

Project Description:  After receiving approval from Council, JP raised funds for the project materials by distributing a fundraising letter to all households near the Touisset Audubon Preserve. His original goal was to raise $1,200, but the adjacent neighborhoods really stepped up, and as a result JP was able to raise $2,855.  Because of everyone’s generosity, JP was able to increase the scope of his project.  JP then purchased all materials from Home Depot (who covered the delivery fee), and his team of Troop IV volunteers built fifteen 8′ walking platforms and one 16′ specialty platform / removable bridge.  These platforms were then placed throughout the Audubon Preserve in the perennially wet / muddy spots located on the trials. After the project was complete JP still had $1,000 in cash.  He donated this money to the Audubon Society of Rhode Island and they agreed to set these funds aside for any future unscheduled needs / projects specifically related to the Touisset Audubon Preserve (i.e the money would not be applied to regularly schedule maintenance projects). The A.S.R.I., the three Touisset neighborhoods from which JP solicited funds, and visitors to the Touisset Audubon Preserve have been extremely pleased with the project and are very grateful to Troop IV.

Project Photos:

image001Ready to get to work on behalf of the Audubon Society of Rhode Island

IMG_0449Making the test/ template platform.

image002Template platform made. Now taking notes on how to train team to build next ones to Audubon’s specs.

IMG_0448The materials arrive. Thank you Home Depot for covering delivery fees!

image004JP reviewing Assembly Team 1’s work.

image005JP lending a hand to Assemly Team 2.

IMG_0480Assembly Team 3 is on a well earned lunch break. Thank you Subway Sandwiches for discounting the cost of of your subs! 

image007Troop IV’s newest Scout surveying the progress.

image008Building the big kahuna (aka the 16′ removable platform bridge). Thank you Town Councilman, and Troop IV dad, Joseph DePasquale for helping chaperone.

IMG_0466Finished product!

image010 The team is thrilled to be done… but wait, you need to place them too!

IMG_0473Enjoying the new 16′ specialty platform / removable bridge.  They’re wearing boots, but they don’t need them now!

IMG_0479Walking platforms 1-4 (of 16) placed and ready for visitors.